DADA.ART is a platform where a global community of artists create visual conversations together, in spite of language, distance, nationality, or other boundaries. DADA uses technology to foster creativity and human connections worldwide.

DADA is creating an interactive live drawing performance inspired by the Nam June Paik retrospective at Tate Modern. We share with Paik the principles of artistic collaboration, technical innovation, and the creative use of mass media for artistic expression.

18 artists from around the world, known as The DADA Collective, will create a collaborative visual conversation in real time, interacting with the audience online and with the audience at the Tate.

Introducing the DADAGAN, a robot trained by artist Alex Reben to draw from the dataset of drawings made by humans on DADA. DADAGAN will originate the opening drawing of the live art performance.

DADA will be in conversation at the panel ART & TECH FUTURES with MoCDA and Global Roots, broadcast live by Worldwide FM at 18:45.

DADA live performance sponsored by Wacom.